UK-based automation and motion control specialist Kinesys will launch a major system of new products at this year’s Prolight+Sound exhibition – The Pathfinder System – which has been designed specifically for 3D path flying.

Kinesys exhibits at 2015’s Prolight+Sound after a highly successful first time at last year’s show which boosted its international business within the entertainment technology sector.

Kinesys is also highlighting its existing systems; the Velocity 2 SIL3 winch controller, the EVO and Elevation variable speed hoist systems, the DigiHoist fixed speed digital chain hoist controller and the Libra range of load measurement products.

Pathfinder uses the latest technology to provide a robust, customisable entertainment solution for the flying of performers, cameras and other objects in 3D. The system is designed with versatility in mind so that it can be used in any environment, from TV and film studios to large scale arenas and stadiums. Pathfinder works in conjunction with the existing Kinesys Velocity 2 SIL3 winch controller which is engineered to deliver power and performance for control of induction, linear and servo motors for winches, turntables, elevators and other high end stage machinery.
At the heart of the system is the Pathfinder software application, which has been designed from the ground up using a powerful 3D graphics engine and hosts a prolific list of features for an enhanced, more productive user experience.

Pathfinder can be used to create multi-dimensional paths with multiple objects moving and being displayed in real time within the 3D user environment. The software application features macros for highly practical assisted path creation and editing, enabling the quick and easy creation of common movements as well as “auto smoothing’ paths.

Working in conjunction with the Pathfinder software application is Kinesys Core, which manages the playbacks as well as the path and safety calculations of the Pathfinder system. Core also features other advanced features such as “handover’, which allows control of objects to be passed between Pathfinder users working on different devices within the same network, perfect for large scale setups and movements where multiple operators are involved.

The Pathfinder system can be controlled natively through its proprietary Pathfinder software application or using a custom joystick console, which can control, record and playback 3D movement. An operational console on the Prolight stand will demonstrate the highly flexible and intuitive Pathfinder system.

Kinesys’ Velocity 2 drives will be in live operation on the Kinesys stand, working alongside the Pathfinder system to move a four wire bridle in three dimensions.
Developed to meet SIL3 standards, Velocity 2 drives offer excellent functionality including safe stop (SS1, SS2), safe emergency limits (SEL), safe limited speed (SLS), safe limited acceleration (SLA), safe brake control (SBC) and safe load monitoring.

Kinesys’ EVO variable speed hoist control system which features true zero speed capability will also be highlighted. This has been developed to meet BGV C1 and BS7905 requirements and is a multipurpose high precision system with absolute positioning. True zero speed performance enables the motors to “hover” without the brakes being applied for very subtle slow movement cues and silent transitions between cues.

Kinesys’ DigiHoist control system offers fixed speed digital control for chain hoists, complete with safety group functionality in an adaptable and configurable control solution. DigiHoist incorporates all the safety features required to work in group hoist mode and complies with the many strict EU standards. Load monitoring, group stop, positioning, and self-healing emergency stop are all standard DigiHoist features.

Libra is a range of products designed to provide simple and accurate load measurements in numerous rigging and load-bearing applications. The system comprises of three main elements: the load cell, the power supply, and the viewing / programming software. The Libra system has full connectivity with other Kinesys products allowing load measuring to be integrated into any system.

The ever popular Elevation1+ variable speed controller will be prominent on the stand. Designed to be located locally to the chain hoist that it controls, this innovative approach removes the need for large quantities of cabling and permits a number of motors and controllers to be run via single power and data cables.