More often than not, our best ideas don’t come when we’re sitting in front of a computer. They arrive when you allow your thoughts to wander from the task at hand. These ‘little distractions’ are what many large enterprises see as the catalysts for collaboration. And it’s why we see dramatic changes in workspace design. Today’s workspace can be just about anywhere: a desk or a meeting room, but it could equally be a huddle space, your kitchen at home, or even a beanbag. How can enterprises deal with the need for more flexibility in workspaces?

A building is designed to spark collaboration and to boost productivity, so it’s essential to give small focused teams the exact right workspaces. For the modern workforce to achieve maximum potential, they need quick collaboration spaces where they can engage face-to-face or through video conferencing. So, let’s huddle.  And who says Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality cannot to play a part in that?

The workspace is the engine of your digital workplace. It is important to understand how people, processes and technology drive your workspace strategy. To foster collaboration requires deliberate effort to balance all three and create spaces where people can be productive. Transform your workspace and find inspiration in this report.