At IBC 2018, LYNX Technik AG, a provider of software-defined modular interfaces for broadcast as well as professional AV and industrial signal processing applications, introduced the next logical step in signal processing. With LYNX AIR (All Independent Remote) Processing the company premiered a cloud-based signal processing solution, that will enable its users to leverage the full potential of their production power. At IBC 2018, the company  showcased a system for signal processing without any hardware needed.

AIR Processing separates the processing from the physical hardware, thus enabling the customers to use their full creative potential without thinking about bandwidths, processing power, FPGA/CPUs or scalability. With AIR signal processing is happening in the cloud, with no additional hardware needed.

With the introduction of the greenMachine in 2016 and its software-based signal processing approach, AIR is the next step in treating video signals by separating the hardware from the software even further and transferring the processing into the cloud. This approach offers several benefits to the users.

Because of its overall system design users don’t have to worry about scalability. Do you need more processing power? No problem, just rent more. Further advantages are the remote attitude and the system’s flexibility for there is no need to ship hardware from one site to the other. AIR makes device changes easy and effortless without ever touching any piece of hardware in the CAR; it is all in the cloud. Users benefit from reduced costs during productions because no extensive hardware has to be installed and by paying only for what they really use – exact to the minute. It comes without saying that AIR can be managed from remote using a sophisticated and web-based GUI running on all end-user devices.