Christie recently announced the introduction of the Christie CP4325-RGB pure laser
cinema projector, which delivers a premium movie-going experience to mainstream
theatres. Featuring CineLife™ electronics and RealLaser™ illumination, this compact,
all-in-one DCI-compliant projector excels in image quality and operational lifetime,
while providing a low cost of ownership. With the CP4325-RGB, exhibitors can fill their
auditorium seats by attracting audiences with incredibly colourful and detailed, true-
to-life images.

“With its innovative all-in-one, “next generation’ direct- coupled RGB illumination
system, the Christie CP4235-RGB is the most advanced laser projector on the
market,’ said Allan Fernandes, senior manager, Product Management, Global Cinema,
at Christie. “Using next generation, pure red-green-blue direct-emitting laser
technology, the CP4325-RGB offers the most authentic and immersive cinema
experience for the mainstream market. It offers all the advantages of a high-
performance laser projector in a compact “all-in-one’ form factor that eliminates the
need for sub-ambient external cooling while providing rich colours, higher contrast
ratios, and the lowest total cost of ownership of any projector in its class.’

Industry interest and endorsements roll in
Based on feedback gathered during recent factory tours, in-depth demonstrations and
event showings to Christie’s global customer base, the CP4325-RGB promises to be a
welcome addition to the cinema value chain, with exhibitors and post-production
houses eager to put its potential to work. It is well-positioned to become the
benchmark for laser-based cinema projection and exemplifies Christie’s technological
leadership in the cinema market.

“Our longstanding, strategic relationship with Christie has delivered thousands of
digital cinema projectors to theatres across China,’ said Jack Wang, Chief Technical
Officer, Wanda Cinemaline Corporation. “As we continue to grow our domestic cinema-
market share, we are looking closely at the Christie CP4325-RGB RealLaser™
projector as a strong candidate for our line-up.’

“HOYTS Cinema Technology Group has always prided itself on introducing technologies
that deliver the ultimate visuals for the best cinematic experience, witness our
installation of the Christie CP42LH 3DLP® 4K RGB laser projector for our 390-seat
“Xtremescreen’ premium auditorium in October 2016, at the HOYTS Chadstone
complex,’ said Adam Wrightson, General Manager, HOYTS Cinema Technology Group.
“Given Christie’s pedigree and our reputation for innovation, it’s no wonder that
HOYTS has already ordered several units of the Christie CP4325-RGB projector, which
leverages the many features of the CP42LH but shrinks the footprint with a
breakthrough-design that eliminates the need for external chillers,’ Wrightson added.

“Our customers deserve the best, so to light up our Super EMAX theatre in Novi,
Michigan, with its 92 ft (28 m) by 40 ft (12 m) screen, we’ve installed a Christie
CP42LH 3DLP® 4K RGB laser projector,’ said David Zylstra, VP of Technology,
Emagine-Entertainment. “But technology is always improving, and so I’m delighted
that, with the launch of the CP4325-RGB, Christie is introducing its RealLaser™ line-
up of all-in-one projectors; a family which has the potential to “future proof’ our Novi
and other auditoriums across the U.S. heartland.’

“The three CP42LH projectors we have installed so far in our premium auditoriums
have given us an incredible competitive edge in the market,’ said Luis Millan, owner of
the Spanish cinema chain Odeon Multicines. “Our customers love the picture and
really notice the difference in colour saturation, clarity, brightness and higher contrast
image quality. So we are looking forward to the launch of the CP4325-RGB with its
innovative and compact form factor design that reduces system complexity and cost,
while also providing a wide colour gamut,’ added Millan.

“Department of Post is an innovative, agile and collaborative post-house, aiming to
provide filmmakers access to the best technology the world has to offer,” said James
Gardner, CTO, Department of Post. “In keeping with our mission, the Christie CP4325-
RGB RealLaser™ projector is an essential addition to our facility, with exceedingly
accurate colour rendition, vivid black and white contrast and overall brightness that
enables us to promise our clients the highest possible quality projection of their work
in a professional environment,’ said Gardner.

More models planned, for Reliability today, innovation for

“The CP4325-RGB is the forerunner of a line of Christie RGB pure laser projection
solutions intended for mainstream cinema applications and as such is an ideal
replacement product for exhibitors wishing to upgrade existing installations, as well as
for new-build cinemas and retrofits,’ said Brian Claypool, vice president, Product
Management, Global Cinema, at Christie.

“With its compact footprint, long operational life, increased performance capabilities
and elimination of consumables, the CP4325-RGB is a game-changing proposition for
mainstream auditoriums looking for a performance upgrade when investing in their
next generation cinema experience, rather than settling for just a technology swap,’
added Claypool.

Employing next-generation RGB pure laser devices, Christie’s advanced research and
development teams have been able to eliminate the need for any external cooling,
drastically reducing system complexity and cost, while ensuring an impressive and
reliable operational life of more than 30,000 hours, with only a 20 percent loss in
brightness over this time. The CP4325-RGB boasts a contrast ratio of up to 6000:1
and provides better uniformity and a wider colour gamut than other cinema projection
systems. Also, the projector’s compact form-factor means that it can be easily
integrated into standard cinema booths.

The Christie CP4325-RGB, like its fibre-coupled sibling – the Christie CP42LH – offers
a wide colour gamut exceeding DCI P3 specifications, enhanced contrast ratios and
high frame rates (HFR) compatibility. The CP4325-RGB features Christie’s new
CineLife™ Series 3 electronics and embedded cinema automation for streamlined
playback, scheduling and content management. Field tested on more than 100
screens since 2014 with the next-generation Christie IMB-S3, the CineLife Series 3
electronics also provides backwards compatibility with existing Series 2 IMB

Impressive features list, summarised

  • Native cinema 4K3D support with Christie IMB-S3 at 4K 48 frames per second
    (fps), and 2K 120fps HFR functionality out-of-the-box4K 60fps ready, with upgrade path for 4K 120fps support
  • UX-designed interface with large 1280×800 touch panel
  • Built-in automation controller (relay outputs, GPIO, serial-over-Ethernet)
  • Optional Christie Series-3 IMB with integrated SMS
  • Backwards compatible with select third-party Series-2 IMBs
  • AIC (Add-In-Card) expansion for future support
  • Support for all major TMS vendors