The IoT is changing the way we view video security, quite literally. Now, cameras need to be so much more than devices with which to simply capture images; they need to be far smarter than that. Today cameras are becoming an integral part of the vast digital connectivity infrastructure- they need to be shaped into intelligent sensors that have the ability to extract invaluable data to help businesses make improvements in the area of video security, and beyond. At INTERSEC Bosch introduces her latest “i’ camera portfolio. This intelligent camera portfolio with built-in video analytics as standard will rewrite the rules of video security.

These intelligent cameras with built-in video analytics as standard will rewrite the rules of video security. Basic requirements have not been dismissed. Highest image quality, bitrate management (reductions by up to 80 percent) and data security will always be a priority. It’s the added intelligence and connectivity that sets them apart from conventional cameras and makes them truly intelligent.

The “i’ camera portfolio consists of the IP 4000i, IP 5000i and IP 6000i fixed dome and bullet cameras, the AUTODOME IP 4000i, IP 5000i and IP 5000i IR moving cameras and MIC IP starlight 7000i and MIC IP fusion 9000i cameras.
These truly intelligent “i’ cameras are capable of:

  • Interacting and sharing information with other devices
  • The ability to perform tasks independently
  • Detailed interpretation of situational awareness – object speed, direction, colour, size etc.

IP 4000i, IP 5000i and IP 6000i cameras
A completely renewed portfolio with fixed dome and bullet cameras. From retail to industrial solutions, a smart combination of these cameras offers solutions for indoor or outdoor, day or night, discrete or visible video security. With built-in video analytics as standard, they offer the ability to start repurposing captured video data for other uses than security alone.

AUTODOME IP 4000i, 5000i and 5000i IR
These moving cameras give the ability to locate, track and zoom in on objects quickly and easily. With a resolution of 1080p combined with 30x optical zoom, users can easily identify objects over large distances, offering total control of what they choose to see. The new AUTODOME IP 4000i, IP 5000i and IP 5000i IR cameras from Bosch now add metadata to all captured video images. This data can be used to improve security by automatically alerting users once pre-defined criteria are met or for other uses beyond security.

MIC IP starlight 7000i and MIC IP fusion 9000i

The true potential of the MIC IP moving cameras is the combination of their rugged design with built-in Intelligent Video Analytics that is specifically designed for the most demanding environments. Even in the most extreme conditions, video data can be interpreted directly at the source to further improve the level of security or enable the video data to do more than security alone. The new MIC IP fusion 9000i offers a unique feature in terms of video analytics: metadata fusion. It fuses the metadata of the camera’s built-in optical and thermal imager, providing users with full situational awareness – regardless of whether it’s the optical or thermal video stream that’s being watched. Metadata fusion helps users to focus on “invisible’ things that need attention. Another innovation offered by both MIC IP models is video analytics in motion. An operator is alerted, or the camera’s Intelligent Tracking feature is triggered, the moment a moving object or person is detected while the MIC IP camera is panning, tilting or zooming.

Building Integration System 4.5

The Bosch Building Integration System (BIS) is a software solution that manages different Bosch security subsystems like access control, video surveillance, fire alarm, public address or intrusion systems on one single platform.
Now, BIS is more integrated than ever. Visit us to see how BIS 4.5 can easily manage even more systems, such as Bosch AVIOTEC cameras for early smoke and fire detection or the Bosch’s PAVIRO Public Address System.

Bosch Video Management System 8.0

BVMS 8.0 brings new functionalities that allow security operators to respond faster to incidents by monitoring more cameras concurrently and more efficiently.
Experience how the Bosch Video Stitcher combines multiple high-resolution cameras into a single panoramic view. This allows an operator to have a better overview of an airfield at an airport or a harbour. And of course, with BVMS operators get the best out of the technology of our Bosch cameras. With BVMS 8.0, it is so easy to switch between the optical and thermal imager of our MIC IP fusion 9000i so surveillance can continue even in a smoke-filled tunnel.

In-Store Analytics solution for retailers
Merchandising and customer service can set your stores apart from online retail, helping you increase loyalty and sales. Based on cameras with built-in video analytics, the FLEXIDOME IP panoramic 7000, you can use In-Store Analytics to provide your merchandising and operations teams with reliable customer traffic insights to make informed decisions.
Learn how to maximise customer engagement and service performance in your stores, or ensure sufficient staffing during peak times to continually optimise the quality of customer service.

B and G Series – The Integrated Security Solution
More security, greater control: Check out our integrated solutions with G and B Series for intrusion detection, door control, video integration, UL fire functionality and mobile access.

LB20 premium commercial loudspeakers for indoor and outdoor use
Designed with the contractor in mind, LB20 series loudspeakers from Bosch are a cost-effective “go-to’ solution featuring superior audio. Acoustically matched and aesthetically compatible with other Bosch models, the LB20 series incorporates innovative features that efficiently address the real-world needs of both the installer and the end-user. The innovative wall-mount system makes installation easy. All models are weather resistant and weatherproof versions are also available.

PAVIRO Public Address and Voice Evacuation System with enhanced functions
Using IP networking technology, PAVIRO provides a highly flexible, reliable and secure system solution with superior audio quality and low latency – independent of distance and project size. As installers can use existing networks in the building infrastructure, relying on IP technology also results in faster installations and lower implementation costs.

Sony Video Security – Maximum performance in low-light situations
With the SNC-VB770 4K network camera from Sony, there is no more need to fear darkness. Thanks to the ultra-high sensitivity of ISO 409600 this camera captures crisply detailed Ultra HD colour video footage in near darkness where other cameras struggle. The extra detail of 4K means that fewer cameras are needed to cover airports, shopping malls and other large sites – reducing hardware inventory, simplifying installation and cutting running costs. On top of that, smart analytics allow for just one camera to recognise and intelligently track several moving objects with high resolution without sacrificing overall situational awareness of the whole scene. It’s like having a PTZ camera for close-ups plus a wide-area fixed camera in the same box.
Sony’s latest G6-R cameras provide cutting-edge image capture technology with minimum illumination of 0.006 lux. These eight new models can capture images beyond the reach of conventional security cameras, helping to provide security professionals with better visibility and in turn greater accuracy. With the V Series Security professionals can capture objects in dark conditions from a distance of up to 100m. The E Series features SD card recording as a backup option in the event of network outage as well as 2-way audio, providing users with remote intercom and audio recording functionality wherever it is needed.

Award winner AVIOTEC IP starlight 8000 for video-based fire detection
AVIOTEC IP starlight 8000 for video-based fire detection, which has won several awards over the last two years, is now VdS-certified and the perfect answer for facilities used for industry, transportation, warehousing and utilities such as energy to minimise detection time with low false alarm rates. Bosch technology spots fires and disturbances, predicts behaviour to reduce false alarms and speeds up reaction times – helping you stop threats before they spread.

Monitored project planning with the new SECURITY SYSTEM DESIGNER
Bosch’s newest planning and support tool enables users a precise design according to EN-54 regulations, including the allocation of peripherals on different loops. Taking into consideration the actual topology, the Security Systems Designer ensures that every project detail is taken into account. This is made possible through a complete plausibility check and the automatized as well as customised provision of comprehensive documentation fitted precisely to your needs.