The DM 3.0 family of products, the latest generation of DigitalMedia, continues to expand with more standard-setting 4K products for every room.

“The world is adopting 4K at breakneck speed, which is rendering 2K technology obsolete just as fast. There’s simply no point in purchasing 2K technology anymore,’ says Fred Bargetzi, chief technology officer at Crestron. “Additionally, we’re seeing more and much higher resolution devices, such as 2560 x 1440 output from Apple laptops, which require more signal bandwidth than switchers designed for 1080p and 2K distribution can provide.’

New Crestron products:
4K/60 Hz scaler
What makes it unique is its exclusive scaler chip, developed in-house by Crestron. It can convert any resolution and frame rate to any other resolution and frame rate, up to 4096×2160 at 60 Hz.

Single-gang 4K transmitter and receiver
Both the Wall Plate 4K DigitalMedia transmitter (DM-TX1-4K-C-1G) and Wall Plate 4K DigitalMedia Receiver (DM-RX1-4K-C-1G) are powered over DM, and only needs a single cable. Many devices can be controlled right through their HDMI connections, using CEC. Both devices use standard electrical box for tidy, discreet installation.

4K HDBaseT input cards
The 4K DigitalMedia Input Card for DM Switchers (DMC-4K-C) and 4K DigitalMedia Input Card w/Downmixing for DM Switchers (DMC-4K-C-DSP) provide a single DM or HDBaseT input for any DM switcher with modular input card slots, and handles 4K and Ultra HD video resolutions. Available with a DSP for stereo down-mixing of multichannel input signals enabling simultaneous distribution of multichannel and 2-channel audio.

4K HDMI output cards
The two-Channel 4K DigitalMedia Output Card for DM Switchers (DMC-4K-HDO), provides two 4K HDMI outputs and two balanced audio outputs with volume control.

DM Ultra Cable
DigitalMedia Ultra Cable, Plenum Type CMP (DM-CBL-ULTRA-P) and DigitalMedia Ultra Cable, Non-Plenum Type CMR (DM-CBL-ULTRA-NP) are proven to deliver fault-free 4K HDMI signals via HDBaseT over longer distances than other category cables. DM Ultra Cable is the only cable that exceeds HDMI specification, allowing less than one pixel error per billion, for HDBaseT distribution of 4K content up to 100 metres. A CAT7a shielded twisted pair cable, it’s engineered to deliver optimum performance for 10 gigabit Ethernet; perfect for any application that requires high-performance category cable.

4K HDMI distribution amplifiers
The 1-to-2 4K HDMI Distribution Amplifier (HD-DA2-4K-E), 1-to-4 4K HDMI Distribution Amplifier (HD-DA4-4K-E), and 1-to-8 4K HDMI Distribution Amplifier (HD-DA8-4K-E) split one 4K HDMI source to two, four, or eight separate outputs, respectively.

These new products offer added proof that no other solution can compete with the full package you get with DM 3.0. With DM 3.0 you get innovative products, an installed base of millions of HDMI and HDBaseT ports, comprehensive training, and award-winning service and support, including Crestron’s new live online assistance.