The NHS in the UK is a recent adopter of Smart Glass, using it to future-proof their state-of-the-art facilities with cutting edge and practical privacy that not only offers a great solution to their needs but also offers much more.

Helping to revolutionise the way patients are treated, Switchable Smart Glass affects the way a health care facility impresses on patients and their loved ones, helping them feel cared for and safe in the knowledge their privacy is a top priority.

Intelligent Glass, of the of the UK’s leading manufacturers of smart glass technology, have recently supplied Switchable technology for a project at an NHS Hospital in Paisley, who had 42 panels of 12mm Laminate Switchable Glass installed into five of their critical patient areas on their ICU ward. The technology was used to great effect, allowing healthcare professionals to offer cutting-edge and practical privacy to patients while still being able to monitor them visually without having to disturb them.

With this installation, staff can change the privacy glass that shrouds the room instantly from a designated nurse’s control station. This offers a unique privacy solution that is highly practical, allowing critical patients and their family to enjoy the benefit of privacy while giving those responsible for their care a fast option to be able to monitor them should they need to. In the event of a critical emergency, the glass can be switched from frosted to clear in an instant, allowing complete visibility into the space so they can begin to respond appropriately without even having to go into the area itself. Likewise, should staff require to simply check on the status of a patient occupying an area covered by the glass, they can do so without even leaving their current post, allowing them to potentially multi-task in cases where the patient is stable but still requires monitoring, helping to save on time and efficiency on a strained workforce.

In comparison to alternative privacy solutions, such as curtains or blinds, which can either be cumbersome or impractical in critical situations, Laminate Switchable Smart glass offers an aesthetically pleasing and safe solution. It is easy to clean and maintain and can be integrated into most rooms with a space for interior windows, reducing clutter and additional installation needs in the room itself, as you would need with curtain rails or tracks. Those precious few seconds that can be wasted when pulling back blinds or curtains that cover the patient can be used to more productive means, and could, in some cases even save lives. As well as this far more effective privacy solution for care environments, Intelligent Glass also boast the hygiene benefits of using Switchable technology compared to curtains, making it both potentially effective and preventative.

This application indeed maximises this benefit, allowing the glass to be cleaned in the same way that any other glass would be. In a critical care environment, hygiene is of the utmost importance and can mean the difference between life and death if not practised properly.  It is well documented that disposable hospital curtains in the UK are only required to be replaced every six months, leading to the risk of germs and substandard hygiene in a busy environment where very overworked staff are often dealing with critical issues that take priority over curtain cleaning or replacement. Laminate Switchable Smart Glass in a setting such as this offers a far easier to clean surface than curtains or blinds can, helping to free up time for staff in the event of a serious hygiene issue as well as potentially offering a more hygienic environment generally if the glass is cleaned regularly.

Switchable technology offers superior healthcare fit out and construction privacy solutions that can change the way these environments operate, helping save time, money and potentially even lives. \

“This project ranks as one amongst many of a long line of health care solutions we have provided not just to the NHS, but private groups and dental practices as well. What makes this one so special however is the way this hospital makes use of the wide range of benefits Switchable Smart technology can offer, both from a privacy control standpoint and the hygiene factor also, which is highly important in a critical care environment. We are encouraged to see more NHS hospitals switch on to our Smart Glass technology in a climate where resources are stretched, offering a genuine and very real testament to the advantages it can bring.”

-Jamie Conroy, Sales Director at Intelligent Glass