IT giant Epson is a leader in the field of printers, graphics machines and video projectors, for professional and home use.

Recently, at their Italian headquarters located in a prestigious building in Milan, the Business Demo Centre has been renewed for customers and dealers, equipped with all the latest technological innovations of the Japanese brand.

To make the demos of the products on display more authentic, real-life settings relevant to the devices’ use were recreated in a large space designed by the architect Marco Ferrari, replicating a retail store, a home cinema, meeting rooms, workstations, and a school environment.

As a Business Partner for home cinema, distributors Exhibo SpA contributed by providing the most fitting sound system for that sector-specific area where an EH-LS100 video projector was installed in a refined lacquered wood cabinet alongside a practically invisible K-Array Azimut-KAMUT2L system, which has two K-array Lyzard-KZ14 satellites, a low-profile KU44 sub and a Kommander-KA02 amplifier.

To welcome visitors to the innovative Demo Centre in the best possible way, a spectacular video projection made with laser series EB-L1000 on the entrance wall digitally mapped a waterfall immersed in the greenery of real wetlands. The audio solution entrusted to a pair of K-array Anakonda-KAN200+, elegantly suspended on the sides of the wall, taking advantage of the flexibility that makes these loudspeakers unique.

A Thunder-KMT12 sub reinforces the low frequencies by reproducing the typical rumble created by the avalanche of moving water.

The audio solution for the installation included:
1x Azimut-KAMUT2L
2x Anakonda-KAN200+
1x Thunder-KMT12 I