Showing just how flexible a venue can be, the new Sun Arena at the Time Square in Pretoria recently hosted the Extreme Fighting Championship EFC in December last year.

With the heavyweight title up for grabs, it was lighting designer Gary Sam who was throwing the blows. In addition to the in-house lighting systems, Sam’s rig included 12 Robe BMFL Spot, 6 Robe BMFL Blades, 12 BMFL WashBeam, 24 Robe Spiiders, 24 Robin Pointes, 12 Robin LedBeam 100, 42 Longman F4Up and a LeMaitre MVS

.”The brief from EFC was to make the show look as spectacular as possible, using effect lighting without compromising the TV “key’ lighting,’ said Gary. MGG Productions were the technical support at the venue and assisted with set up, while Gearhouse South Africa supplied all the generic lighting and additional crew.

“This was EFC’s final event of the year, and also the finale to the EFC reality show called “The Fighter,’’ he explains. “What made it special for me was being able to have more lighting fixtures than usual at my disposal which allowed me to make the event look and feel even more spectacular.’

A highlight for Sam was also working with the crew on the event. “The event was made great thanks to the MGG and Gearhouse team who were there as tech support. I always say that the crew make the show happen.’

On a technical point, Sam was pleased with the Robin Points and the BMFL ’s. “They were able to “punch’ their way through the ample television camera lighting. The lighting effects could be seen without utilising too much haze.’

Anyone who has worked at the new Sun Arena would agree that the venue is fantastic. “The FOH is fabulous and huge with lots of space,’ said Sam. “I really like all the fibre lines and DMX lines to backstage and all catwalks above.’