DWR Distribution will be hosting a Quest open day, where clients will meet up with Frank Andrewartha from Quest and view the company’s range of loudspeakers and amplifiers.

DWR invites attendees to join them in Johannesburg on 18 June, and in Durban on 20 June or Cape Town on 22 June for a dedicated open day to showcase Quest’s products. According to DWR, Quest offers good quality products at affordable prices and the brand has enjoyed success across the globe as an ideal tool for installations at churches, restaurants, schools and smaller venue.

“The gear is robust and just doesn’t break,” comments Robert Izzett, director of sales at DWR. “Quest is an excellent solution for smaller events and conferences in the rental market when a large line-array is not required. It really is the perfect product, backed up with fantastic service from the Quest team,” Izzett concludes.

The Quest Open Day, hosted by DWR, will include two small workshops presented by Andrewartha at 10 am and 2 pm daily on the above-mentioned dates.


For more information, please e-mail rsvp@dwrdistribution.co.za