Polycom, a part of Plantronics, Inc., recently released a study conducted by Forrester Consulting titled: Streamlined Video Conferencing Strategy Drives Business Results. The study found that video conferencing is growing in usage, in the number of solutions and overall complexity for end users and IT personnel alike.

The study found that the majority of companies surveyed are using multiple vendors for both endpoints and video cloud applications. Therefore, complexity is increasing, not decreasing, as new solutions continue to enter the market. In fact, the study showed that 96% of respondents already face challenges managing their video conferencing solutions. As a result, IT professionals have to manage a web of services, which often results in poor user experiences and mounting frustration for both IT technicians and employees.

According to the study, IT professionals are facing increased costs in addition to the challenges of managing multiple cloud-based video conferencing systems. Those challenges include difficulty in connecting from conference rooms to calls, delayed video calls, poor call quality and inconsistent user experiences. To specifically combat productivity challenges, 77% of IT professionals want a consistent user interface and experience across video conferencing systems.

The Polycom Trio has been developed to alleviate some of these challenges. The Polycom Trio family are simple, familiar communications devices that support multiple video conferencing cloud solutions while providing a consistent experience. Polycom recently announced support for Cisco WebEx on Polycom Trio, adding to the growing catalogue of cloud-based video systems which includes Zoom, Microsoft, BlueJeans and Videxio. All these solutions can be accessed, used and managed through Polycom Trio in any conference room using the same simple interface.

To see the full research paper by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Polycom, visit www.polycom.com/forms/ecosystem/2018-forrester-videoconferencing-study.html