Barco announced an in-depth collaboration with Neets, Danish experts in innovative AV control solutions at ISE 2019, which concluded on 08 February.

Supporting Neets’ keypad products in Barco Overture results in a reliable AV control and monitoring experience that is easy to set up, intuitive to use and increases efficiency by enabling remote control and troubleshooting. This combination is the ultimate AV control experience for users, IT/AV managers and system integrators.

Barco Overture is an innovative system that not only enables easy setup through configuration (no programming required at all) but also allows for remote control and monitoring of all connected devices in a meeting room, classroom or lecture hall. Some unique benefits of this system include remote troubleshooting, in-depth device monitoring, and scheduled room preparation. Neets focus on making both the interface and the configuration of the full room setup user-friendly and integrating Neets’ AV control solution into Overture results in the most powerful and intuitive solution for campus-wide, in-room device management.

The combination of Overture and Neets creates a unique experience that benefits everyone involved: users, IT/AV managers and system integrators. Neets’ keypad solutions make controlling AV functions easy and participating in meetings is as simple as clicking a single button.

IT/AV managers can use Overture to increase their efficiency with remote monitoring and troubleshooting, automatic alarms in case of issues, and in-depth insights into device and room usage analytics. Furthermore, integrators save setup time by using intuitive configuration for both Barco Overture and Neets’ products. Linking the two products using the Neets’ driver in Overture, does not require any programming. The solution also allows scheduled campus-wide power shutdowns, saving organisations a lot of energy—which benefits the budget and the environment.

“We had a great time working with Barco on making monitoring of AV equipment that’s controlled by Neets available from Barco Overture. For us, the main focus is to ensure the user-friendly control of AV devices in meeting and learning spaces—regardless of the technology installed. By cooperating with Barco, we can offer the combined knowledge and expertise that is the foundation for a reliable and proven solution.”

– Michael Jarl Christensen, CEO of Neets

“The combination of Neets and Barco Overture creates the best of both worlds. With Neets, you get the uniform, physical user-interface in different rooms, while Barco Overture provides the full-blown monitoring experience. This combination enables IT/AV managers to make the best possible decisions by providing facts, data and knowledge about device usage and room behaviour.”

-Jan van Houtte, Director of Product Management at Barco