Audiotech SA, a well-established South African integration technology and installation specialist, has recently been re-launched as Solved Technology Hub. AV Integration spoke with company director Brett Lancaster about the company’s dramatic growth and transformation over the past 18 years.


Audiotech SA first opened its doors in Cape Town in 2001, and quickly gained a reputation as a competent and reliable supplier of audiovisual solutions to customers in the Western Cape.

In the early days, Audiotech SA could best be described as a micro-enterprise, with a sales rep and technician operating out of a garage. “Back then,” Lancaster recalls, “we offered only audiovisual assistance, and our ‘team’ was one guy working from his garage.” Since then, Audiotech SA has steadily grown its footprint both nationally and internationally to become a leading integrated technology service provider.

“We are committed to remaining loyal to our partners by collaborating closely throughout the conceptualisation, design, implementation and aftersales support phases of a project.”

– Brett Lancaster

As the company grew, Audiotech SA expanded its service offerings to take maximum advantage of the ever-evolving technology that fits between AV and IT solutions. “We have worked hard to develop our services and expertise over the years to offer our partners what is now a vast range of integrated technology solutions, including audiovisual, digital signage, music and media content development, atmospherics, safety, security and IT and networking solutions,” Lancaster explains.

Over the past 18 years, the company has gained a reputation for outstanding design and installation work and reliable aftersales service, which has contributed to the establishment of strong working relationships with several significant local and international brands. “From our humble beginnings, we understand what it’s like to start at the bottom and, as such, we value the relationships we’ve established with our partners along the way,” Lancaster reflects.


Since opening its doors in the early-2000s, Audiotech SA has transformed as an organisation, now boasting offices in four major cities in South Africa and delivering integrated solutions across a wide range of verticals for an impressive range of A-list clients in the retail, hospitality, corporate and education spaces, to name a few, both locally and internationally.

It goes without saying that the solutions-driven organisation has outgrown its original identity, which motivated the decision to re-launch Audiotech SA in the first quarter of this year. “With the expansion of the company’s offering, the name Audiotech SA was not only limiting but also misleading to partners,” Lancaster points out. “By 2018, Audiotech SA was offering so much more than audio and visual services, and it was important that this was reflected in our brand and corporate identity.”

In the first quarter of 2019, Audiotech SA officially changed its name to Solved Technology Hub and now sports a colourful origami boat as its logo, which – Lancaster explains – represents the company’s drive to engineer simple, effective solutions for its partners. “Our mission is to provide our partners with cutting-edge, pioneering technology, coupled with a level of service that exceeds their expectations at every turn. We are constantly testing and redesigning the solutions we recommend so that our partners stay two steps ahead.”


Solved Technology Hub is dedicated to designing integrated technology solutions that are innovative, pioneering, simple and practical.  Says Lancaster: “We provide our partners with a consolidated point of contact for a wide range of integrated technology solutions. This is important for the successful deployment and management solutions, because by reducing the number of vendors you can simplify the overall management of your project – saving you both time and money over the long run.”

To achieve this goal, the company is heavily invested in upskilling its team to remain cutting-edge, current and relevant – which is a huge challenge given the breakneck speed at which AV and IT technologies are evolving.

While the company has expanded and advanced dramatically over a relatively short space of time, the organisation remains committed to the partner-centric culture that so successfully set it on a path to success at its inception. “We are committed to remaining loyal to our partners by collaborating closely throughout the conceptualisation, design, implementation and aftersales support phases of a project,” Lancaster explains. “As a part of its promise to its partners, Solved Technology Hub strives to provide the best possible service to its partners, with delivering high-quality, bespoke solutions on time and within budget being another major priority.”

Being a tech-savvy company, Solved Technology Hub also understands the high cost of downtime in the digital age and is therefore committed to ensuring that aftersales support is as much of a priority as project implementation. The company offers partners a dedicated 24/7 support service as a part of its service-level agreement contracts.


Having already deployed integrated technology solutions for clients across the African continent, the company has now set its sights on the international market. In 2017, it crossed the Atlantic for the first time, establishing its first international distribution centre in the USA. The company has also successfully consulted on projects in the UK, USA and South America.

With its finger on the pulse of innovation and its feet firmly planted on a grounding of partner relationships, Solved Technology Hub is set for a bright future.