Voting for the SACIA Board has now closed, and Executive Director of SACIA Kevin Jones has confirmed that the results have been finalised and are publically available.

The results of the electoral process are as follows:

  • Natalie Delport (13.2%)
  • Abrie du Plooy (11.9%)
  • Wynand Langenhoven (11.6%)
  • Ilse Assmann (9.4%)
  • Stephen Motau (8.6%)
  • Mark Hull (8.0%)
  • Roman Magis (7.3%)
  • Tinus Smit (7.3%)
  • Sharif Baker (6.7%)
  • Aaron Tshidzumba (6.4%)
  • Primrose Mooki (5.6%)
  • Aldred Dreyer (4.0%)

Jones told Pro-Systems in a telephone interview that he is grateful to all SACIA members who took part in the voting process. “We are very committed to ensuring that the electoral process for the SACIA Board remains as transparent as possible and all developments can be followed on our online voting platform. SACIA will announce the election of the new SACIA chairman following the convening of the new Board on Friday 25 May.”

Pro-Systems would like to congratulate all of the candidates that will serve as Board members of SACIA for the 2018/2019 term.

For further information, visit the link or the SACIA website