A day after the SOS Charity fund was launched by DWR Distribution at the end of
last year, they received distressing news that Pieter Coetzee (26), a young
technician, had fallen from height and severely injured both feet and shattered his

Coetzee was setting up for an event in Cape Town when the incident took place and
he has since undergone operations in both feet, had a back operation, and should
start rehabilitation to learn how to walk again in March. He is currently wheelchair
bound, but thanks to friends and his wonderful mom Charmainne Coetzee, he has
managed to put on a smile and keep fighting.

“While we were excited to help people with the initiation of the SOS project, it
really was heart-breaking to hear this news and we actually felt quite helpless,’
said Duncan Riley of DWR. “Pieter is a young man in the prime of his life. We are
just very grateful that things are looking good and know that he will have a full and
colourful life ahead of him.’

The SOS project was able to assist by paying for the furniture removal costs for
Coetzee’s mom, Charmainne, to relocate from Pretoria to Cape Town, to take care
of her son. The fund will also pay R5 000 into their account for three months, in a
minuscule way to try ease this burden.

“A big thanks to everyone involved,’ said Coetzee and Charmainne. “We really do
appreciate this.’

In other news, the SOS fund was initially going to be an independent charity run by
a board. After discussions with a couple of large rental companies and industry
players, it was suggested that DWR run the SOS project and help people in any way
they see fit. “We will heed the advice and we hope that we can make a difference
to people in our industry when they experience a crisis,’ said Riley. “We trust the
industry will contact us when they hear of a need that has to be met, and hopefully
we will be able to help as much as we can.’

For more information, contact Sherryn Riley at sales@dwrdistribution.co.za or Lee
Baird at lee@dwrdistribution.co.za